The Project

SprungDigi is all about learning disabled people getting creative and connecting with the world through digital tech. Working with artists who use digital all the time, learning disabled artists are finding new ways to take their artwork to different places, spaces, to express themselves in ways that surprise, delight and sometimes frustrate them!

Alongside this we are developing training in social media to support our SprungDigi people to share what they do with confidence.  We are working towards the first ever learning disabled digital arts festival in Horsham in the Summer of 2015 with mini digital showcasing at Brighton Digital Festival in 2014 and 2015 alongside our partners: Lighthouse in Brighton.

In doing this, SprungDigi is highlighting and addressing the isolation that learning disabled people are currently facing across the country through drastic changes in social care. We’ve given ourselves a lot of time to deliberate and prep  this project.  We are the people who brought you the epic Blue Touch Paper Carnival  in 2012 and the digital mapping app Mapfactor

Our work is shaped by learning disabled people who naturally and happily become ambassadors and champions for our project!


SprungDigi Launch

Hello. We are SprungDigi. We want to see what happens when you mix learning disabled creatives with digital arts. We want to show all the work that is made to lots of people at a festival in Horsham in Summer 2015.